Dr. James N. Phillips Jr., PMP, CFCM, NCMA Fellow, Acquisition Chief

Dr. James N. Phillips Jr., PMP, CFCM, NCMA Fellow, Acquisition Chief will present a webinar on Department of Veterans Affairs September 2016 Government Purchase Card.  (VA Credit Card).  Learn about the General Services Administration SmartPay program’s current best practices for payment and charge cards.  The program currently serves some 350 agencies and organizations in managing payment cards for purchasing office supplies, travel accommodations and fleet transactions. Agencies spent approximately $26 billion in 2014 using cards, saving $1.7 billion compared to the cost of submitting paper purchase orders. 

Dr. Phillips, will explain the program and answer questions in this valuable webinar about the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) financial policies and procedures regarding the Government Purchase Card Program. VA’s Purchase Card Program is part of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) SmartPay Program and conforms to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). The objectives of the Purchase Card Program are to: Reduce paperwork and administrative costs for the acquisition of supplies and services within the existing FAR; Streamline payment procedures and improve cash management practices, such as consolidating payments and reducing imprest funds; and provide procedural checks and feedback to improve management control.  In addition the use of purchase cards allows for rapid response for commercially available items by the customer and access to the Government market for small businesses.