Webinar: How to Get Published is more than publishing a book or article, It’s telling your story.
November 15, 2016 11:00—12:00 Est.
Kimberly Suchek, Author, Freelance Writer, has published, and is partnering with VetBizCentral to bring to you a webinar on the value of writing for publication, magazines and articles.
Kim Suchek Spouse Who published Operation: Military Resources understands the challenges of getting your book published and writing articles for personal experience, creativity, business, and Informative, how-to articles.
She holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and is working on a teaching certificate along with a degree in creative writing. Kimberly is past president of Operation Homefront of Michigan, and has also held the positions of: Family Assistance Coordinator for The Army National Guard out of Joint Force HQ and Grand Ledge Armory; DEERS operator; patrol officer.
What Is Your Story?

Kimberly Suchek,
Military Spouse, Speaker, Consultant, Author and Freelance Writer
Weekly Column Writer for Stars & Stripes
Author Of: Operation Military Resources Vol 1 & II