Veteran Franchise Centers

Jim DelVecchio, Certified Franchise Advisor
Veteran Franchise Centers provides free guidance to veterans and military families wanting to explore the franchise world in a safe and no pressure environment. Veteran Franchise Centers does not sell franchises, thus, you can be assured that there will be no catches, sales pitches or pressure tactics applied. You will never pay anything to us. Veteran Franchise Centers was founded in 2010, and is an affiliate company of RecruitMilitary, LLC with headquarters located in Loveland, Ohio Phone: 614-323-3013 Website:

There are many franchise opportunities out there—some great, some good, and some not so good. It can be quite difficult to weigh their pros and cons alone, no less understanding their franchise fees, estimated startup fees, and so on.
Based upon information supplied by you, we research franchise opportunities that are aligned with your profile and seek out those franchises that most closely match the characteristics you are looking for. In addition, we’ll also check for territory availability and make sure there are no unusual circumstances that would get in the way of your exploring these franchise opportunities.