ACRE AgTech, 12220 Fillmore Street, Room 260, West Olive, MI 49460, (616) 738-4852

Helping Inventors
We Provide Hands-On, Customized Services to Help Farmers, Entrepreneurs, and Existing Businesses Commercialize, License, or Sell Their Ag-Technology Ideas and Inventions. Farmers are intuitive, can-do individuals who often solve farm problems with ingenious mechanical inventions.  These inventions, which can be as simple as a new farm tool or as elaborate as an entire machine or software system, can be the foundation for a thriving business.

The ACRE Ag-Tech Business Incubator (GLATBI) specializes in helping farmers and ag-related entrepreneurs commercialize, license, or sell their ag-technology inventions – whether its equipment, tools, machinery, software, or other specialized products.