Zack Larson, VP Business Development from FedBiz Access on “Winning Contracts” with the Capabilities Statement
November 28, 2017 from 11:00 am -12:00 pm.
1. Government Capability Statement
2.Get Registered Without Errors
3. Ready To Start Winning Contracts?
4. Unlock Business Potential
5. Federal Acquisition Lifecycle

FedBiz Access (FBA) is a Highly Rated Federal Contracting firm in Saint Petersburg, Florida. We’re a leading national provider of collaboration services between contractors and government entities. As a professional services firm, we’ve helped our clients win over $4.1 Billion in federal contracts and funding. We have a wide range of clients including Government Entities, For Profit, and Non-Profit Organizations such as the Department of Defense, Google, L-3 Communications, University of Texas, and over 20,000 small businesses nationwide representing over 750 industries.