“Career Coach – Franchise” Webinar from The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES)

Goals, Needs and Expectations

Phil Giordano, The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES)

For over 30 years The Entrepreneur’s Source has helped thousands of people at a career crossroad take control of their income and work-life through a system of coaching methodology. They help you think about where you are in your business and where you have options.

They have a discovery and education-based method of franchise and business ownership.

This webinar will help you t consider coaching to discover opportunities for franchising.

As an expert in Franchise and Business Ownership Phil Giordano will present:

* Understand the value of your transferable skills and strengths as a business owner so you can cash-in on your professional capital;
* Explore/educate yourself about what opportunities are out there and identify which ones fit your unique criteria;
* Separate fact from fiction in business ownership;
* Understand how to finance your business, including strategies to pay yourself through the start-up phase.

Phil Giordano
Phone:   (567) 455-6368
Email:   pgiordano@esourcecoach.com
Sylvania, OH 43560