Part I: Business Financing
We will review the importance of having a strategy for financing your start-up or expanding an existing business.

Part II: Financial Check-Up
The Financial Check-up will review some of the requirements that financial institution are looking for to qualify you as a loan candidate. Personal and business financial check-up are must when preparing for a loan. “Do you meet their test?”

Part III: Preparation for Start-ups and Existing Businesses
Preparing to finance a Start-up business requires different planning and strategizing than what would be used for an existing business. We will review some of various financial documents that may be required that will help you to prepare for your meeting with financial institutions.

Part IV: Resources
There are a variety of resources available for entrepreneurs and existing business owners. We will review a variety of resources that assist entrepreneurs with starting and managing a new business and existing business owners with managing and expanding existing businesses.

Abron Andrews, MBA, a service connected Disabled Veteran, proudly severed in the United States Navy from 1986-1998. He owned and operated his own business in San Diego, California. Abron joins us to proudly serve his fellow veterans after three years with Metro Community Development as a Loan Coordinator and Technical Assistant.
Having received a Master’s of Business Administration, Organizational Leadership from Ashford University in 2012 and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from National University in San Diego California in 2010.